HYDC Fundraising

Fundraising is arguably the most important task for the Hearts Youth Development Committee (HYDC). Money is raised through a range of regular and one off activities including Monthly Draws, Raffles, Football Matches, Golf Outings, Burns Supper, Auctions, the Young Player of the Year award night and other events. Information on each of the events will be posted on the Events section at the appropriate times.

All monies raised go direct to support the development of young players at the club. Money may used directly in support of the teams, or to purchase equipment. An example of investment in football development is the participation of 3 Hearts teams in the Foyle Cup in Derry. Examples of recent purchases, with financial assistance from Heart of Midlothian Shareholders Association (HMSA), are monitors to track the young players heart rates during training and game play. The information is used by the Physiotherapist and Sports Science staff to ensure that the players fitness and general health are closely monitored. Video and match analysis equipment has also been purchased to assist the coaching staff to review games and tactics.

If this level of investment is to continue then it is critical that supporters continue to respond positively to these events.

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