The HYDC group was formed in 1991 as a result of a request by Joe Jordan, the then Team Manager, for the Hearts Support to provide him with some direct funding for Youth Development at Heart of Midlothian Football Club

Rules and Guidelines for the Hearts Youth Development Committee were formulated with the key principal purpose of the Committee being to raise funds for Youth Development at Heart of Midlothian Football Club by whatever manner the Committee (and subsequently the Academy Director) deems appropriate.

Academy Director, John Murray is also now a key member of the Group and all funds generated as a result of HYDC activities are provided for purposes he considers will benefit in the development of youth talent at Heart of Midlothian.

As a result since early in 1991, a few dedicated Hearts Supporters and shareholders have given and are willingly giving of their time and effort, to raise funding which has and continues to be made available to our Youth academy and the development of young talent to the benefit of our great club.


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